OREANDA-NEWS  Sony Corporation shipped 20.8 million units of PS5 consoles in fiscal year 2023. This is reported in a report on the company's website.

The company said that it sold 1.7 million more devices than in 2022. However, despite the sales growth, Sony did not meet the expectations of corporate executives and investors — in February, the company predicted that it would sell at least 21 million consoles.

According to Reuters sources, the company expects sales to decline — top managers of the IT giant predict 18 million consoles for the 2024 financial year, which will end on March 31, 2025.

Game sales in the last quarter reached 72.6 million units, which is almost 5 million more than a year earlier. 12.3 million came from software directly from Sony.

Sony also said that after the departure of the former head of the PlayStation division, Jim Ryan, the gaming business will be headed by new executives. Hideaki Nishino will become CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment platform, Hermen Hulst will be appointed CEO of SIE Studio.

In early May, the specialists of the Digital Foundry project talked about the characteristics of the new Sony PlayStation console. In particular, the PS5 Pro will receive a performance of 33.5 teraflops, a processor frequency of up to 2.35 gigahertz, 256 kilobytes of first-level cache memory.