OREANDA-NEWS. Roskoshestvo conducted a study in which tested 30 models of electric kettles from 23 producers (Russia, Poland, China, Turkey). As noted in the Department, we are talking about devices in the price range of up to 487 7880 rubles and the volume of 1-2 liters.

"Experts Roskoshestvo repeated the usual consumer day: boil water in the kettle, left it for 12 hours and then re-heated. As shown by the results of the tests detected formaldehyde in water in the kettle after boiling in eight of 30 cases. Moreover, three models dummies quantities of formaldehyde in water grow: after boiling the water has deteriorated", - reported in a press release.

Most dummies have risen to the challenges to security. However, the kettle "Elbrus" when boiling water is not triggering the switch.

And the kettle DELTA LUX DL-1057, when a security check of the bottom leaked water. In the kettle Scarlett SC-EK18P44 from under the buttons out steam, and out of the device model LG EK 1705S spilled water.

The experts "Roccasecca" also tested the water after boiling. When heated in all studied water dummies does not change the smell, and it did not appear the taste.

Change the color of the water in most cases grow with each new boiling, however, does not exceed the sanitary-epidemiological norms.

Only in the kettle Endever KR-354 water became muddy after he settled in for 12 hours.