OREANDA-NEWS Retail prices for bananas exceed 145 rubles per kilogram, they have risen in price due to the weakening of the ruble and the growth of supply logistics costs, which account for a significant share in the cost, Dmitry Leonov, deputy chairman of the Board of the Rusprodsoyuz Association, shared this opinion with RIA Novosti.

Earlier in November, Rosstat reported that since the beginning of the year, bananas from fruit and vegetable products have risen the most - by 44.6%. From October 2 to November 20, the average consumer price for bananas increased from 137.01 rubles to 145.17 rubles per kilogram, according to Rosstat.

"At the moment, the average retail prices for bananas exceed 145 rubles per kilogram. There were several reasons for the rise in the price of bananas this year. This is a weakening of the ruble, and bananas are an imported product and are purchased for foreign currency. The exchange rate also affected the growth of supply logistics, which accounts for a significant share in the cost price," Leonov said.

He also noted that as of November 15, 2023, wholesale prices for bananas decreased by 3.1% in a week, to 90.6 rubles per kilogram. At the same time, according to Leonov, the extent to which wholesale dynamics will be played out in retail will depend on retail chains. "Federal retail chains set retail prices themselves, because they have direct contracts for foreign fruits and vegetables," the expert concluded.