OREANDA-NEWS  In May, Russia increased fertilizer supplies to Brazil to a maximum of $ 304.4 million this year, according to calculations by RIA Novosti according to the Brazilian state service.

So, at the end of spring, Brazilian companies purchased fertilizers from Russia for $ 304.4 million, which is seven percent more than a month earlier. This was the highest volume of purchases since December 2023, when the cost of imports amounted to $ 304.6 million.

Russia mainly supplied potash fertilizers ($166.3 million) and mixed fertilizers ($101.4 million) to Brazil. The supply of nitrogen fertilizers amounted to only $36.8 million.

Russia was the main supplier of fertilizers to Brazil in May. Canada is in second place with $124 million in supplies, while Morocco closes the top three with $100 million. Israel put them at $62 million, and China at $60 million.