OREANDA-NEWS Russia began buying cocoa beans from Turkey last year: the volume of imports of this product amounted to almost $ 1.8 million, RIA Novosti calculated based on data from the Turkish state service.

Last year, Russia purchased more than 600 tons of cocoa beans from Turkey for almost $ 1.8 million. This is the first purchase of chocolate raw materials from this country.

At the same time, the main suppliers of cocoa beans to Russia are Estonia, Ivory Coast and Ecuador. Estonia, which has already provided data for 2023, exported 7 thousand tons of beans worth $ 24 million to the Russian Federation. And Ivory Coast and Ecuador (according to data for 2022) sold them for 11 million (5.1 thousand tons) and 2.7 million dollars (1.1 thousand tons), respectively. In addition, Russia bought raw materials for chocolate for at least a thousand dollars from Belgium, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Poland, Peru, Germany and Colombia.

In early February, the exchange value of a ton of cocoa beans reached 5 thousand dollars for the first time since 1977, less than a week later prices reached 5.5 thousand dollars per ton, exceeding the record of 47 years ago, and then set a new world record - more than 6 thousand dollars per ton. Then Evgeny Mironyuk, an expert on the stock market of BCS World of Investments, told the agency that the main reason for the price crackdown is the drought in West Africa, high prices for fertilizers and the crisis in the Red Sea also affect - all this provokes a shortage that may last another one and a half to three years.