OREANDA-NEWS  Against the background of a reduction in the supply of alcohol from European countries, the BRICS countries began to supply more wine to Russia. This is reported by the Izvestia newspaper with reference to Roskachestvo.

By the end of 2023, imports of still wines from the European Union decreased — the supply of drinks from Spain decreased by 11 percent, France — by 4, and Italy — by 1 percent. At the same time, friendly countries have increased shipments. Thus, South Africa became the leader in supplies in 2024 with an indicator of 10.5 million liters (plus 25 percent). For the first time in five years, in 2024, a batch of quiet wines from India arrived in Russia. China has increased supplies fivefold since 2021.

As representatives of Roskachestvo predict, the share of unfriendly countries in the volume of supplies to Russia will continue to decline in 2024 — the trend will increase due to an increase in excise taxes. Their place in the market will be taken by Russian wines, which are predicted to account for 60-65 percent of total sales in liters.

"In the first three months of this year, Russian producers increased the production of still wines by 25.4 percent, to 75 million liters. The volume of sparkling wine production increased by 26.5 percent, to 31 million liters. The share of white and pink wines in the total output increased to 61 percent, the share of red wines decreased by 3 percent, amounting to about 39 percent," explained Olesya Latysheva, director of the Department of Research and Promotion of domestic wine products of Roskachestvo, head of the Wine Guide of Russia.