OREANDA-NEWS  The volume of online commerce in Russia increased by 28% by the end of 2023 and amounted to 6.4 trillion rubles, such an estimate is given by the Association of Online Commerce Companies (AKIT).

The share of e-commerce in total retail sales increased to 13.8% from 11.6% in 2022.

At the same time, 96.9% of the total volume is accounted for by online sales within the Russian Federation, 3.1% is for cross-border trade.

"What we noted yesterday as a trend in the development of online commerce in the country has now become an indisputable fact: the driver of e-commerce today is the Russian regions. The volume of the online market in federal cities has almost reached a peak: growth in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and the Moscow region in 2023 was within 10%. At the same time, it is more than 40% in the regions of Southern Russia, Siberia and the Far East," the president of the association Artyom Sokolov said in a statement.

Moscow's share of sales for the year decreased to 17.7% from 19.4% a year earlier, but the region retains leadership in the share of Internet sales. Moscow is followed by the Moscow Region (up to 9.2% from 10.7% in 2022) and St. Petersburg (up to 6.1% from 7%).

Digital and household appliances, furniture and household goods, clothing and shoes, food, as well as beauty and health products remain in the top 5 products sold on the Internet.