OREANDA-NEWS Demand for Russian wine is growing in China, Abrau-Durso plans to increase its sales by 10 times next year; now the two countries are getting closer - products from Russia are considered more high-quality and environmentally friendly than local ones, Pavel Titov, president of the Abrau-Durso group of companies, told RIA Novosti in an interview.

"Demand is growing. Now there is a rapprochement between the two countries, and the Chinese have a huge interest in everything Russian. This applies not only to wine, but also to any other categories. Products from Russia are considered to be of higher quality and environmentally friendly than local ones. For example, online stores of Russian products are in great demand. For example, during Black Friday, one of the marketplaces sold 4 thousand bottles of Abrau-Durso in an hour," Titov said.

"This year we sell a little more than 100 thousand bottles, but next year we plan to sell more than 1 million," he added.
According to Titov, the company has reformatted the work of the trading house in China - handed over its management to a new partner who works well on Internet sites. "We used to go to China with our traditional understanding of how to sell, but the usual schemes do not work there. Development in the local market is impossible without a strong local partner," said the president of Abrau-Durso.