OREANDA-NEWS  The queue of trucks waiting to leave for Lithuania from the Kaliningrad region has grown to 265 cars: 240 are near the barrier, 25 are in the neutral zone, the press service of the Kaliningrad Customs reported.

The press service of the customs told RIA Novosti that over the past day, the Lithuanian side has accepted 76 trucks. "They are working steadily slowly," the press service said.

In the Telegram channel of the multilateral automobile checkpoint (MAPP) "Chernyshevskoye" it is noted that the lag from the reserved time is more than 40 hours.

Earlier, the governor of the Kaliningrad Region, Anton Alikhanov, called Lithuania's explanations about the in-depth inspection of trucks with Russian license plates "lies" and said that these were "unfriendly actions" by the Lithuanian side.

The Federal State Budgetary Institution Rosgranstroy noted that the situation is due to the fact that only one of the four checkpoints on the border with Lithuania is working today – the Chernyshevskoye checkpoint (on the Lithuanian side Kibartai). All cargo traffic is concentrated at this border crossing. In addition, the passage of transport is significantly reduced. There are more people willing to cross the border than the ability or desire of a neighboring state to accept transport.