OREANDA-NEWS. A Belgian F-16 fighter jet crashed into a building at an air base of the Dutch Air Force. The accident occurred at the Leeuwarden base, located northwest of the capital of the province of Friesland, Leeuwarden. Two people were injured, the airbase said in a message on Twitter.

«This morning, an F-16 crashed into a building opposite when it was launched. As a result, two people were injured. The pilot managed to escape», — it is noted in the message. The footage shows that the pilot was able to eject and land by a parachute. He was injured, but now nothing is known about his condition.

There was no explosion or fire after the incident. An investigation is being conducted into the fact of the emergency. Additional information about the incident will be received in the near future, the Belgian Defense Ministry said. So far, we only know that the collision occurred on the morning of July 1. The cause of the incident will be established during the investigation.