OREANDA-NEWS  A 20-passenger Mi-17 helicopter belonging to the Mexican Navy crashed to the ground in the state of Hidalgo. Four people were injured, including the secretary of the government of the neighboring state of Veracruz, Eric Cisneros. 

The incident occurred on the afternoon of August 25 at the entrance to the stadium in the village of Agua Blanca de Iturbide. The rotorcraft returned after flying over the areas affected by Hurricane Grace but the crew was unable to land it normally. The footage shows how the Mi-17, after the first unsuccessful landing approach, rises into the air and shifts to the side, after which it falls on a passing bus and hits the ground with a screw.

Four people were injured, three, including Cisneros, were taken to the hospital but doctors are sure that soon they will all go home.

The reasons for the accident - the third in four years with the participation of the Mi-17 - have not been reported. In total, the country is armed with 21 such helicopters.