OREANDA-NEWS.  Aeroflot has revised the rules for the carriage of animals on its flights, explaining the changes by the need to ensure comfortable and safe flight conditions for all categories of passengers.

In particular, the airline has cut the minimum period for filing an application for the carriage of an animal by four times. Previously, such an application had to be made no later than a day before departure - now it can be done six hours before.

At the same time, the total number of pets that the owner can take with him on the flight has been increased from one to three. However, it will not be possible to take them all into the aircraft cabin. The rules allow only one or two pets older than six months to be transported in the passenger cabin, while both must be in the same carrier, and their total weight (together with the "container") cannot exceed 8 kg (as an exception, transportation in one container is allowed three kittens or puppies, eight weeks to six months old). If the animal together with the carrier weighs more than 8 kg, then the only permitted transportation option is in the luggage compartment.

In addition, Aeroflot canceled the ban on the carriage of so-called brachycephalic dogs on its flights, that is, with a flattened muzzle - pugs, English and French bulldogs, Pekingese, boxers, Sharpei, Bordeaux dogs, Shih Tzu, etc. However, the airline warns owners that such animals are susceptible to overheating even in not very hot weather, and the stress of the trip can lead to breathing problems.

The list of dog breeds, the carriage of which is prohibited on Aeroflot flights due to the potential danger of their representatives, has also been significantly reduced. Until now, this list included 75 breeds - after the revision, only 12 remained in it, recognized as potentially dangerous.

Rigid animal carriers permitted for carriage in the passenger cabin on Aeroflot flights should not exceed 44x30x26 cm in length, width and height, and soft containers in the sum of three dimensions should not exceed 126 cm. In addition, passengers are allowed to use for transportation such a container a stroller, if its weight does not exceed 10 kg, and the dimensions in the folded state do not exceed 203 cm by the sum of three dimensions.