OREANDA-NEWS. «Air France» Canceled Both Flights to Moscow on Monday, May 31. According to the schedule on the «Air France» website, the morning flight, which was supposed to depart at 10:25 Moscow time and the evening flight (19:25) were canceled.

According to the online schedule, the airline predicts further flight cancellations this week. So, on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, one of the two daily flights is marked as canceled. On Thursday, so far, both flights have not been canceled.

On Saturday, May 29, the Paris media reported that «Air France» agreed on May 29 and 30 with the Russian authorities a new route of it's flights from France to Russia — bypassing Belarus. A representative of the airline explained that the new flight plan begins to operate from Saturday. «We have received flight permits for this weekend», he explained.

The representative added that the company now expects confirmation from the Russian Federation to allow flights on the new route for a further period. This permission will be required for «Air France» aircraft from Monday. Earlier last week, the company was unable to operate several flights from Paris to Moscow, because it did not agree on a change of route.

EU leaders have called on airlines not to use Belarusian airspace during flights. This is caused by a recent incident with a Ryanair plane that made an emergency landing in Minsk. The plane was landed under the pretext of receiving a signal about mining, which was later not confirmed. A Belarusian MiG-29 fighter jet was lifted into the sky to escort the passenger plane.