OREANDA-NEWS. An Air France flight from Paris to Moscow was completely canceled on Thursday, as new permission to enter Russian territory was still not received. This is what a spokesman for the airline's press service told RIA Novosti.

On Wednesday evening, the French air carrier told RIA Novosti that AF1154 was postponed to Thursday for reasons related to bypassing the airspace of Belarus and the need to obtain new permission from the Russian authorities. The flight was postponed to May 27.

"Yesterday the flight was postponed. And today it was canceled for the same reason. There is no overflight clearance. We canceled the flight because we do not have a new plan to enter Russian territory," said the representative of the airline.

He noted that the situation concerns only this flight.

Passengers were asked to either postpone the flight to another date, or return the money for the ticket, the airline representative said.

It is recalled that at the beginning of the week, following the summit in Brussels, the leaders of the European Union decided to close the EU airspace for flights of Belarusian airlines, called on European companies to avoid using the airspace of Belarus, and also ordered sanctions against those involved in the Ryanair aircraft incident as soon as possible.