OREANDA-NEWS By the end of February 2024, sales of LADA amounted to 27,888 units, which is 33.9% higher than in January 2024 and 19% higher compared to February 2023.

The largest increase in sales was shown by the LADA Vesta family: 6819 cars were sold in February 2024. This is 42.4% higher than in January 2024.

LADA Granta sales in February amounted to 12,798 units, which is 33.9% higher than in January.

Sales of LCV class models have also increased: they amounted to 455 vehicles, which is 69.1% higher than last year's results, and 78.4% higher than the results of January 2024.

In just two months, 48,723 LADA cars were sold. This exceeds the brand's performance in January-February last year by 19.1%.