OREANDA-NEWS. Experts told about the presence of secret buttons and compartments in passenger planes, which are mostly known only to crew members. This is reported by The Sun. For example, it became known that the vast majority of passenger aircraft built over the past 15 years have built-in slats directly under the luggage racks for hand luggage. Flight attendants use it as a support when moving around the cabin of an aircraft.

Experts also revealed the secret of small «holes» in the portholes: according to experts, such an engineering solution helps the plane «to withstand the changing air pressure outside». «Each window consists of three different acrylic layers, but only the middle one contains a vent. A small gap helps to regulate the pressure on the aircraft, making the trip more comfortable», the experts explained.

They also told about the secret button located on the mirror in the toilet. If you click on it, a secret cabinet with hygiene supplies will open: napkins, paper bags and hand lotion.