OREANDA-NEWS. European leadership is lost between ignorance of recent events and long-standing stereotypes, writes journalist Xavier Rofe in the French edition of Atlantico.

The author cited Russia and its military potential as an example: according to him, the lazy European public "sleepily rests on the convenient notion of rusty Russian tanks and nuclear missiles in dilapidated hangars," while the situation has long changed.

However, as Rofe emphasized, experts have seen a different picture for ten years, so the author of the article suggested taking a closer look at the Russian arsenal, which, according to him, is more high-tech than it seems at first. The author recalled that at the end of last year, Poland organized a simulation of hostilities, and the results were "terrible".

Rofe writes that "In the first week of the war with Russia," the Polish army would have ceased to exist, "having lost 60% to 80% of personnel and equipment."

Experts explained this by the fact that over the past decades Moscow has developed a high-tech arsenal "on the verge of science fiction." At the same time, experts, as Rofe emphasized, declared that Germany, France and Great Britain did not have such weapons.

As an example, the author cited the situation that arose in the Black Sea in April 2014, when a Su-24 bomber with the Khibiny complex flew over the destroyer Donald Cook, as a result of which the ship's "electronic brain" died.

A similar situation happened with two French frigates in 2018. The arrival of Russian forces in Syria, according to Rofe, changed the entire balance of power in the conflict zone.

The journalist noted that in the conditions of oversaturation of electronic countermeasures and fake information, the enemy should try to interfere with the operation of well-encrypted and numerous Russian systems.