OREANDA-NEWS Viktor Zhilenko, director of the Alushta Aquarium in Crimea, announced a reward for the capture of a dangerous Mediterranean predator grouper that appeared in the Black Sea.

Zhilenko stressed that fishermen caught two groupers off the coast of Crimea for the first time. They were hooked up with other inhabitants of the aquarium.

"This is an alarming signal for our Black Sea fish, as the grouper is capable of destroying their entire food supply, and it has no rivals in the Black Sea. Groupers grow up to 50 centimeters, and some of their brothers grow up to 2 meters. So I declare a hunt for this uninvited guest. Everyone who catches and brings this predator to us is entitled to a bonus of 5 thousand rubles," Zhilenko told reporters.

According to him, the grouper is a dangerous predator that poses a threat to the local fauna.