OREANDA-NEWS  Domodedovo customs officers found Cartier jewelry worth 5.5 million rubles on the passenger, the press service of the Federal Customs Service of Russia reported.

Undeclared jewelry was trying to smuggle a 40-year-old Russian who flew to the capital from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The man tried to pass through the "green" corridor, but he was stopped by customs officers. During the inspection, the passenger was found to have two rings, a wristwatch, as well as receipts and certificates for jewelry.

The experts examined the jewelry and found that they were made of 750 gold, diamonds and corundums. Jewelry was estimated at 5.5 million rubles. The amount of unpaid payments for them amounted to 1.3 million rubles.

The issue of initiating a criminal case on the smuggling of strategically important goods is being resolved. The violator faces from three to seven years in prison with a fine of up to 1 million rubles.

Previously KP.RU wrote that in Vnukovo a woman found a bundle with 308 thousand rubles and gave it to her husband. The man appropriated the entire amount to himself, he spent all the money. Upon the fact of the incident, a criminal case of theft was opened.