OREANDA-NEWS. German airline Lufthansa intends to refuse to greet passengers with the words "ladies and gentlemen", instead of using gender-neutral phrases. This was announced by the Bild tabloid with reference to a company representative.

As explained in Lufthansa, it is important for the company that the greeting "counts all".

“There are different options, depending on the time of day, such as 'dear guests' or 'good morning / afternoon / evening' or 'welcome aboard,' said an airline spokesman.

The wording of other phrases that sound during the flight will be left to the discretion of the flight attendants.

The transition to the new greetings will take some time, the airline said. Lufthansa also stressed that a gender-neutral language will be used not only in relation to passengers, but also in communication within the company.

It is emphasized that the rule will also apply to airlines such as Eurowings, Swiss, Austrian Airlines and Brussels Airlines. They are subsidiaries of Lufthansa.

Earlier, a similar decision was made by representatives of the Disney company. The "Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls" greeting was dropped at Disney theme parks. Instead, the expression "Good evening, dreamers of all ages" will be used during the parks.