OREANDA-NEWS. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that after the announcement of the bomb, neither Vilnius, nor Warsaw, nor Lvov, nor Kiev wanted to accept the Ryanair plane.

Sputnik Belarus quotes the words of the President of Belarus: “Why did the crew commander decide to land in Minsk, when Vilnius was about 70 kilometers away? Why did no one want to take the plane when we informed about the planted explosives: neither Vilnius, where it was flying, nor Warsaw, nor Lvov or Kiev. Why did the suffering and sobbing not accept this plane? Are they afraid of responsibility? Or did someone really need it to land in Minsk? "

Some Western airlines decided to fly bypassing the airspace of Belarus, while other companies and governments of the countries intend to consider soon the issue of the safety of transit through Belarus. The EU is considering suspending all European airlines' flights through Belarus and ground operations between Belarus and the EU, Bloomberg reported, citing a senior official familiar with EU discussions.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, commenting on the intention of Western countries not to use the airspace of the republic, said that Minsk has no leverage to make them fly wherever the Belarusian side wants, and it is not particularly worried about this.

Commenting on the refusal of the EU countries to accept Belavia planes, Lukashenka said that they will fly through the neutral spaces of the Mediterranean Sea, the Baltic, Russia, China, India, "even over the North Pole," and no one will forbid Minsk to do so.