OREANDA-NEWS. A court in the Netherlands added to the case of the MH17 plane crash the testimony of witnesses about the absence on the day of the tragedy of the Buk air defense missile system in Zaroshchenskoye, controlled by the Ukrainian armed forces, from the television program of the Netherlands Broadcasting Corporation (NOS). This was announced by Judge Helein Kerstens-Fockens.

Hearings on the merits of the MH17 crash began on June 7 in the Netherlands.

“According to the reports on interviewing witnesses, there is a witness interviewed by the JIT and independent journalists, who said that there is no evidence that the Buk air defense missile system was seen in the area of the village of Zaroshchenskoye. At the same time, he does not say that there was no rocket at all, but only that he did not see it, "the judge said, reading out the case materials at the meeting on Wednesday.

She also cited a statement by independent journalist Max Van der Werff, who spoke to 50 people in Zaroshchenskoye, 10 of whom said they had not seen the Buk, others said they had not seen anything at all. However, according to the judge, the journalist told the same about Pervomayskoye: the residents with whom he spoke did not see a trace of smoke in the sky, or anything at all connected with flight MH17.

Soulya said: “In the program of the Netherlands Broadcasting Corporation (NOS) on October 12, 2015, journalists say that they interviewed several people near the village of Zaroshchenskoye, claiming that they had not seen or heard the Buk missile. This program was added to our file.”

The general director of the Almaz-Antey defense concern, Yan Novikov, reported in 2015 that the experiments carried out by the concern proved that the Malaysian Boeing was shot down by a 9M38 missile removed from service by the Russian army in 2011, while the launch was made from territory controlled by the Armed Forces Ukraine (APU) - the village of Zaroshchenskoe.