OREANDA-NEWS. The Ministry of Transport of Russia has prepared the rules for carping regulation (the use of cars with the help of online search services for fellow travelers).  Thus, the agency proposes to allow joint trucking only when a number of conditions are met.

 The main obvious advantage of carpling is saving.  On the tickets - for passengers, on gasoline - for the driver.

 Secondly, fewer cars - less traffic.  That allows you to save time on movement, solves the problem of traffic jams and parking.

 In just ten years, the number of passenger cars in Russia has almost doubled - from 28 million cars in 2007 to 42 million in 2017, according to the analytical agency Avtostat.  At the same time, most car owners naturally turned out to be in Moscow and St. Petersburg - 3.65 million and 1.68 million cars, respectively.  To improve the traffic situation, the authorities in many countries are introducing dedicated lanes that are only available for public transport and cars with two or more passengers.  For the Russians, only the first option of the designated lanes is available, which also allow taxis with passengers.

 BlaBlaCar's online search service for fellow travelers supports the idea of ​​regulating the carpling industry.  The representative of the service noted that such bills are already working in many countries.