OREANDA-NEWS The Russian automaker Moskvich has promised to switch to a new car production scheme in the coming months. The company's press service announced plans to launch a small-node assembly of cars.

As part of the new work format, Moskvich 3 crossovers and Moskvich 3e electric vehicles will be assembled from 900 parts, not 50. Thanks to this, the entire car production process will be carried out at the Moskvich plant, including welding and painting. The transition to a small-node assembly will lead to improved quality control of components, and will also allow the production of cars with a two-tone body, with a black top and bottom painted in any of the five colors presented in the line.

As part of the testing of the company's new technology and the transition to new welding and painting processes, the company released a trial batch of 50 cars, representatives of the plant noted.

At the moment, the lineup of the Moscow automobile plant includes three models — the gasoline Moskvich-3 (repainted JAC JS4), the electric Moskvich-3e (JAC Sehol E40X), as well as the gasoline sedan Moskvich-6 (JAC Sehol A5 Plus). Their price ranges from 1.83 to 3.95 million rubles. In 2023, Moskvich sold more than 13 thousand cars. Since the resumption of production at the capital automobile plant in November 2022, more than 16 thousand cars have been delivered to dealerships. At the same time, over the past month, the company has sold 2,381 cars.