OREANDA-NEWS  The Russian Railways metaverse will become a new tool for communicating with young people, and will also allow them to make virtual trips, Deputy head of Russian Railways Yevgeny Charkin told RIA Novosti in an interview.

"Our metaverse (and we call it Virtual immersive adaptive reality) is a new way of communicating with the audience, primarily with the younger generation. Virtual means of communication are actively developing. There are virtual universes in which users not only play, but also attend concerts, exhibitions, and other cultural events. And we are moving towards this," he said.

Charkin added that it is possible to develop tourism with the help of the metaverse. So, in the virtual space, people will be able to see interesting places or even travel on digital trains.

"We must not forget that our task is to provide high–quality services to all categories of our citizens, including those who, due to circumstances, cannot physically visit the landmark. I'm talking about people with disabilities. The metaverse will create such an opportunity in the future," Charkin said.

According to him, the virtual space will also be useful for training employees of hazardous industries. The meta-system will allow you to do this without risking your life and health.

Also, the virtual space, being a digital window into Russian Railways services, will allow holding videoconferences and lectures in the future, Charkin concluded.