OREANDA-NEWS. A fierce fight between seven American passengers who did not share free seats was captured on eyewitness video.

The incident took place at Miami International Airport at the American Airlines terminal before flying to Chicago on Sunday afternoon, April 25.

According to eyewitnesses cited by CBS Miami, an airline employee told a group of 4 that there were only three spare seats left on the plane, and the next group of 3 passengers said that everything was occupied.

Selling more tickets than there are seats on the plane is called "overbooking", which is often used in the United States in the expectation that some of the passengers will refuse to fly at the last moment. Those who do not have enough seats are sent on the next flight, and various compensations are often offered.

Seven people tried to divide the 3 remaining seats, and the dispute quickly escalated into a violent fight, which the witnesses of the incident called ugly and violent.

It was not without difficulty that the brawl was stopped by the forces of the guards. The Miami police said that one of the victims needed medical attention, and they noted that he refused to write a statement about his offenders. However, one of the ringleaders was detained.