OREANDA-NEWS. The plane of the Belarusian airline "Belavia" did not enter the airspace of Poland because of the French ban on flying over its territory. This was announced to RIA Novosti by the press secretary of the Polish Air Traffic Agency Pavel Lukashevich.

He said: “Our services conveyed information to the crew of this aircraft that the French services had blocked the entry of all Belarusian aircraft into their airspace.”

"The crew was told this information that they may have problems when crossing the airspace of France and they are now deciding what to do next," Lukashevich explained.

Prior to that, a representative of the Polish Civil Aviation Agency said that "Belavia's plane was really not allowed into Polish airspace, because the European Aviation Security Agency recommended that Belarusian planes should not be allowed into the EU's airspace, and Poland is a border country with Belarus."

It is reported that the flights of the Belavia company were banned by a number of European countries, including Finland, Sweden, Latvia, and Ukraine. In turn, Belavia announced the refusal of flights to Finland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Ukraine, Sweden.

As a result, the flagship of the Belarusian aviation will have to reduce the number of flights, the traffic of the national airport Minsk will significantly decrease, and the Belarusians will lose the choice of routes that they had before. To fly to Europe, they will have to travel to the nearest airport in Vilnius, Warsaw, Lvov or Kiev.