OREANDA-NEWS. The rescue helicopter, belonging to the Tajik border service, which was flying to the Russian tourists, crashed in the mountains of Tajikistan. As a result the pilot was killed, four people were injured, as RIA Novosti was told in the association of tour operators of the country.

According to him, the helicopter was flying to take seven tourists from Moscow, contact with whom was lost when they climbed the glacier in the Poimazor gorge of the Vanch district of the Gorno-Badakhshan autonomous region of Tajikistan.

“At an altitude of more than 6 thousand meters, one of the tourists was hit by an avalanche on July 28, others, having reported this, soon stopped communicating. Their organizers of the trip from Moscow asked for help from the mountain rescue center under the association of tour operators. On the morning of August 4, the helicopter took off in search of tourists and crashed while landing on the glacier. The helicopter crash killed the pilot and injured four passengers, "said the source.

According to him, now rescuers are going to the scene to help the wounded and evacuate them to a safe place where a helicopter that has taken off from Dushanbe can land. At the same time, there are searches for missing Russian tourists.