OREANDA-NEWS. The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation will consider the proposal of the All-Russian Association of Passengers to recommend to large transport companies to accrue miles to passengers who have been vaccinated against coronavirus, as the press service of the department told RIA Novosti.

The press service of the department reported that the corresponding appeal was received by the Ministry of Transport and is now under consideration.

According to Izvestia, published on Wednesday with reference to the letter of the organization, the Association of Passengers asked the Ministry of Transport to recommend the accrual of miles to vaccinated passengers to all major carriers, providing bonuses from 500 to 5 thousand rubles to the Russians vaccinated this summer. Proposal developers do not mean bonuses only on airlines, but also on Russian Railways and city transport - taxis and car-sharing operators. The innovation should stimulate more Russians to get vaccinated, reduce the risks of a "third wave" in the country and accelerate the opening of borders with other states, according to public figures.

As a source told the newspaper, S7 Airlines is also already preparing to launch such an action.