OREANDA-NEWS. After the incident with the Ryanair plane landing in Minsk, Russia does not interrupt communication with anyone and deepens the dialogue, while calling for a balanced approach to find out the real reasons and the real chronology of what happened. This was stated by the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov.

"I can't say. In this case, we are, it seems to me, in the most logical situation, because today we do not stop dialogue with anyone, we do not interrupt communication with anyone. Moreover, we are deepening our dialogue, and within the framework of of this in-depth dialogue, President Vladimir Putin will have the opportunity, as they say, from the primary source to obtain information about what happened. recently, they were announced without any investigation, "Peskov told reporters, answering the question of whether Russia will somehow investigate the incident with the landing of the Ryanair plane in Minsk.

He recalled that Russia from the very beginning spoke about the need to be attentive to what happened and called for a balanced approach.

The spokesman stressed: "From the very beginning, we talked about the need for a very attentive attitude to what happened and the need for a balanced approach in order to establish the real reasons and the real chronology of what happened."