OREANDA-NEWS. Aeroflot CEO Mikhail Poluboyarinov, who was appointed to the post in November, said that Aeroflot hopes to restore air traffic from April 2021, otherwise it will not have the most promising prospects, and all plans for the company's development will have to be revised.

As Poluboyarinov said on December 1 at a meeting of the Federation Council Committee on Economic Policy, he hopes that, perhaps, from April it will be possible to begin the restoration of aviation communications. According to him, the plans, goals and tasks that the company's management intends to fulfill at the moment can begin to be implemented. If from April there is a second wave of a pandemic or other unfavorable development of the situation, then their plans will have to be revised somewhat in order to move again along the path of survival and reduction.

According to Poluboyarinov, despite the pandemic, Aeroflot does not plan to revise the parameters of the strategy until 2028, and by that time the airline will increase significantly the number of passengers they carry around the world.

Also, the general director of Aeroflot spoke a little about the strategy, which was approved in July this year. The development strategy of the company is calculated until 2028. He notes that the strategy was prepared and considered in the period before the pandemic, and the leadership generally assumes that the effect of the pandemic will be restored in two or three years, and by 2028 they do not yet see any special factors for revising and adjusting these figures. Poluboyarinov assumes that the Aeroflot group will reach a new, higher level by 2028 and will carry about 130 million passengers.