OREANDA-NEWS A Russian plane from Novosibirsk urgently changed course and returned to the departure airport due to a malfunction. This is reported by the West Siberian Transport Prosecutor's Office.

It is known that the board of the IrAero airline was traveling from the Tolmachevo aviation plant to the village of Talakan in the Amur region. Due to a technical malfunction, the aircraft landed at Novosibirsk airport at 8:00 a.m. local time (4:00 Moscow time).

According to the Aviaincident Telegram channel, after takeoff, the pilots discovered a problem with the flaps. They decided to develop fuel and return to Novosibirsk. Later, the crew also reported an autopilot failure.

The landing was successful. It is clarified that there were 89 passengers on the plane, they were sent to their destination on a reserve flight at 12:45 (08:45 Moscow time). The aircraft was suspended from operation.

Earlier it was reported that the next plane to Moscow was preparing for an emergency landing at St. Petersburg's Pulkovo airport due to the smell of burning on board. The Airbus aircraft operates a route to the capital from Kaliningrad.