OREANDA-NEWS   Owners of new cars under the age of three have become less likely to contact car service stations. In 2023, their share decreased by nine percent, Izvestia reports, citing data from the service station Fit Service network.

At the same time, the number of requests from owners of cars older than five years has increased by 12 percent. The largest increase (plus 15 percent) was shown by cars over the age of 15, and 10-14-year-old vehicles (TS) were in second place.

Experts concluded that Russians have become less likely to buy new cars. Ilya Ivansky, head of the service area of the Fresh automotive marketplace, noted that the period of ownership of cars has increased to 12-15 years. Although back in 2021, 30 percent of motorists considered the optimal time for replacing a vehicle to be 3-5 years, at least 10.

"Now it's not so easy to change the old model to a new one," said Ivansky. "That's why cars are becoming more and more outdated and breaking down more and more often."

Earlier, Russia announced the launch of production of a new brand of Solaris cars. The model range includes four positions: the HS sedan, the HC compact crossover, the KRS sedan and the KRX hatchback.