OREANDA-NEWS Comparing Chinese and Iranian cars is fundamentally wrong, since they belong to different price categories, says Yevgeny Zhitnukhin, head of the dealer direction of the FRESH automotive marketplace.

According to the expert, the cheapest car from Iran will cost the buyer 1.6-1.7 million rubles, and with the trade-in program about 1.3 million. He noted that at the moment it is possible to purchase AVTOVAZ models for the same price. While the price tag of the most affordable Chinese car — Changan Alsvin — starts from 1.4 million rubles.

In addition, Chinese cars are significantly superior to Iranian ones in terms of technical equipment, even in the basic configuration. For example, the aforementioned Chinese sedan is equipped with climate control, cruise control, electric windows for front and rear windows, rear view camera, parking sensors and other options, while the Iranian sedan, although it has a wide functionality in the form of ABS, cruise control and stability control system, is still inferior to the Chinese in terms of technology and comfort

When choosing between two sedans, an auto expert would recommend buying a car from China, since the brand has a wide dealer network, there are no problems with the supply of spare parts and consumables. In addition, service centers already have extensive experience working with representatives of the Chinese automotive industry, unlike the Iranian one. The latter was introduced in Russia several decades ago, but it is unlikely that modern cars will require the same approach as the previous versions, explained the interlocutor of <url>.

Earlier, Zhitnukhin talked about the features of Iranian cars that began arriving at Russian dealerships in November 2023. He noted that so far only Iran Khodro Dena and Iran Khodro Tara sedans are available for purchase.