OREANDA-NEWS  The waiting period for original spare parts for Hyundai, KIA and other brands of Korean cars in Russia may now be from three months, and in the future this may lead to a shortage and an increase in prices for them, Mash reports with reference to data from technical centers.

They noted that spare parts supplied by parallel import are becoming more expensive, but the price increase will not bypass non-original parts.

It takes significantly longer to wait for repairs because of not the most popular, but necessary spare parts, for example, rear-view cameras, steering wheel switches, mufflers, the Telegram channel writes.

In July, automotive expert Vyacheslav Subbotin in an interview with Lenta.ru" explained that there is no shortage of automobile spare parts in Russia now, since supplies have been adjusted and they are now arriving. However, since then, the market has been affected by significant fluctuations in the ruble exchange rate. In light of this, the price of spare parts for European, Korean and Japanese-made cars was predicted to rise by another 20-25 percent in the summer.