OREANDA-NEWS. Representatives of the Taliban movement (banned in the Russian Federation) have decided on the rules for traveling abroad for Afghan citizens. According to the Taliban spokesman in Qatar, all Afghans with the necessary documents to leave the country will be able to leave the country after the opening of the civilian section of the Kabul airport.

This statement was made during the meeting of the Taliban delegation with the French special envoy for Afghanistan, which took place in the capital of Qatar - Doha.

"During the meeting, the Taliban stressed that every Afghan with the appropriate legal basis will be able to travel abroad. All Afghans will be provided with proper conditions for their travel after the opening of the civilian part of the airport," wrote a spokesman for the Qatari political office of the radical Taliban movement banned in the Russian Federation, Mohammad Sohail Shahin, on his Twitter page.

Thousands of Afghans are trying to leave the country after the Taliban came to power. The militants of the movement prevent this - they set up checkpoints at the entrance to the Kabul airport, which is now controlled by the United States. There was a terrorist attack at the airport, during which 13 American soldiers were killed.

Donald Trump called the US weak and helpless. The country is run by people who do not understand what they are doing, the former president of the United States is sure.

The terrorist attack at the Kabul airport is the most shameful thing that has happened to the country. According to Trump, the current US President Joseph Biden spoiled the plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. First it was necessary to evacuate civilians, and only then - the military.

Since August 14, the United States and its allies have removed 105,000 people from the country. Moreover, on the night of August 26-27, that is, after a large-scale terrorist attack at the Kabul airport, 12,000 people left Afghanistan, said White House spokesman Andrew Bates.

Meanwhile, the United States is threatening to take revenge on the organizers of the explosion in the Afghan capital. In particular, Biden ordered to prepare a plan of strikes on the positions of the Islamic State in Khorasan (banned in Russia).