OREANDA-NEWS Russian aircraft will fly and receive spare parts, no matter what the Western media reports, Viktor Gorbachev, a member of the Public Council under the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya), said. They will not disassemble the aircraft for spare parts, he assured in a conversation with the Telegram channel Radiotochka NSN.

These are just horror stories and nothing more. This is the same thing that they promised to tear our economy to shreds, but it turned out that we left the first quarter with a budget surplus. We receive and will continue to receive spare parts, and we will deal with certification and life extension here in Russia, since we have transferred almost the entire fleet under our jurisdiction. So, as we have flown, we will continue to fly both on Boeings and Airbuses, but only on domestic routes. There will be no problems with the operation of aircraft,” Gorbachev said.

He added that it would not be possible to quickly replace the fleet with Russian models. It will take flying hours to get an airworthiness certificate, and it will need to increase production: at the current rate, it will take a hundred years to replace.

Bloomberg previously reported that Aeroflot will begin to dismantle its aircraft for spare parts due to their shortage in order to maintain the fleet of aircraft in working order. According to experts from the IBA company, this could happen in three months. They also noted that it would not be possible to replace foreign ships with Russian ones in the near future.