OREANDA-NEWS. The MiG-31 fighter intercepted the Norion patrol aircraft of the Norwegian Air Force over the Barents Sea, as the press service of the Northern Fleet reported.

As the representatives of the fleet specified, after the Orion turn, the Russian fighter returned to the home airfield.

This is the fourth foreign military aircraft spotted near Russia in a day. Earlier today, the Su-30 intercepted two Dassault Mirage 2000 fighters and a French Air Force tanker over the Black Sea. 

It is noted that on May 11, radars detected air targets flying to the Russian border across the Black Sea's neutral waters. "To identify and prevent any violations of the border, a Su-30 fighter was sent there. The crew of the Russian fighter saw in the air targets two Mirage 2000 tactical aircraft and one French Air Force C-135 tanker and escorted them over the Black Sea back," - said in the Southern Military District.

At the same time, the Su-30 did not let foreign aircraft to cross the state border. The Southern Military District added that the flight of the Russian fighter was carried out in strict accordance with international rules.

In all cases, the Russian military did not violate the border.

The activity in the airspace near the Russian borders is constantly growing. So, in 2020, specialists from the radio technical troops discovered 40 percent more foreign reconnaissance aircraft than a year earlier. In total, last year RTV detected and escorted more than two million aerial objects.