OREANDA-NEWS. The Russian Ministry of Defense has published a traditional calendar for 2021 on ite own website, which presents latest samples of modern weapons. Among them, the department for the first time officially presented a photo of the Orion drone in a shock version.

In particular, on the site visitors of the site can see a photo of the UAV, created in the course of the development work of the "Pioneer", with a few suspended KAB-20 adjustable bombs.In total they have a mass of about 21 kilograms, a high-explosive fragmentation warhead of seven kilograms. The device is also equipped with satellite or laser homing systems and is intended for high-precision destruction of lightly armored vehicles and enemy personnel. The UAV on the site is presented in desert camouflage.

As for the Orion project, it was launched in 2011 by order of the Ministry of Defense. The Orion mechanism belongs to the class of medium-altitude vehicles with a long flight duration - the maximum will be at least a day with a ceiling of about eight thousand meters. This UAV weighs 1100 kilograms, the payload is 250 kilograms. The first prototype of the Orion was built back in 2015, and its tests started the following year. An export version was presented at the MAKS-2017 air show. The first set of the unmanned military complex was brought to the experimental military operation of the Russian Federation in April 2020.

The Russian Ministry of Defense's calendar also includes photoes of another latest devices: the Okhotnik heavy strike drone and the fifth-generation Su-57 fighter, the Borey-class submarine, the Proryv T-90M tank, the Armata BMP and other modern technology.