OREANDA-NEWS  Tesla will fix the shortage of thousands of Cybertruck pickups by drilling the pedal. This is reported by The Verge.

Media journalists learned how Tesla will fix the defective accelerator pedal of an electric pickup truck, because of which the company had to recall almost the entire batch of Cybertrucks. Judging by the video on social networks, mechanics will fix the damage with a drill.

So, user X Aaron Cash posted a video on his profile in which an auto mechanic drills a hole in the pedal with a drill. Then the mechanic installs the rivet. According to Cash, the whole procedure took about 35 seconds. Journalists called the problem with the accelerator pedal serious, as it can cause an accident.

Tesla invited Cybertruck owners to official dealers for repair and inspection. It is reported that 3,878 cars are subject to recall — almost all electric pickups produced by the corporation at the moment.

The fact that Tesla canceled deliveries of a significant number of Cybertruck electric pickups became known in mid-April. Journalists from The Verge said that the corporation was going to fix the problem associated with the accelerator pedal.