OREANDA-NEWS  The Ministry of Transport has agreed with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, regional authorities and business on new rules for the use of video recording systems on roads, the Kommersant newspaper writes.

"The norms come into force on September 1 — the corresponding resolution will soon be sent to the government," the article says.

The updated rules will abandon the norms of mandatory compliance of all cameras with GOST 2016 and the imposition of fines for violating the requirements of the so-called dynamic scoreboards, since it was these provisions that caused a flurry of criticism, the publication says. It is noted that the document contains a norm according to which it is necessary to mark cars that record traffic violations so that drivers can see them on the road in advance.

Last May, Vladimir Putin signed a law on the rules for the placement of stationary traffic cameras. The devices can be installed on roads with a dedicated lane for fixed-route vehicles; on accident-prone road sections; at road intersections where four or more accidents occurred during the year, in places where road works restrict traffic; at pedestrian crossings; in places where parking or stopping is prohibited; at intersections; in places determined by the traffic police.
If a violation is recorded by a camera that does not meet the requirements, administrative liability for drivers does not occur.