OREANDA-NEWS The import-substituted high-speed electric train "Swallow" of the ES 104 series has received a certificate of conformity, according to the Telegram channel of the holding "Sinara - transport Machines" (STM).

"We are glad to announce the receipt of a certificate for a new electric train! Recently, he successfully passed the inspection of the Interdepartmental Commission and confirmed compliance with all the requirements of the terms of reference," the report says.

In addition, the STM noted that the Ural Locomotives plant (part of the Sinara group) by the end of this year, 12 five-car trains will be put into operation by the Sverdlovsk Railway.

The ES104 model is designed for railway lines electrified with direct current. The ES104 is equipped with Russian traction equipment capable of providing rapid acceleration of the train up to 160 km/h and effective braking. The new train is equipped with rear-view cameras and entrance group control to increase the level of safety, as well as elements of the auto-driving system.