OREANDA-NEWS Russia will soon create a sixth-generation MiG-41 fighter-interceptor being developed as part of the Advanced Long-Range Interceptor Program, it "will be worse than the MiG-31," American military portal 19FortyFive writes.

It is noted that the Soviet MiG-31 high-altitude interceptor took off in 1975 and became one of the world's first combat aircraft of the fourth generation. Its speed reaches Mach 3 and it can use hypersonic weapons. The fighter has a phased antenna array radar, real-time data exchange with airborne radar, capability to operate at any time of day and fly in the stratosphere. The record of long-range of its R-37 missiles has not been broken until now.

The portal reports that the MiG-41 will have "excellent performance in all respects."

Earlier, one of the authors of the Chinese portal Sohu called the MiG-31 a "mysterious killer" that terrifies the enemy. Earlier, the U.S. called the Russian missile carrier Tu-160 "chilling.