OREANDA-NEWS Since the inauguration of US President Joe Biden, American foreign policy has undergone many changes. Washington has begun to make efforts to restore good relations with its European partners, as well as to pay more attention to the fight against China. Another innovation was the unusual position of the White House to Russia. If earlier the Americans put military pressure on Moscow mainly in the Black Sea and the Baltic, now the Far East has become one of their main targets. This is reported by the Chinese edition of Sohu.  

"Far East has become a new platform for pressure on Russia, and the latter's response was not long in coming", - noted the authors of Sohu.

Chinese journalists drew attention to the fact that the number of military provocations on the eastern borders of Russia has increased markedly in recent months. It got to the point that at the end of last year, the US Navy destroyer John McCain entered Russian territorial waters in the Peter the Great Gulf. It was possible to force him to change course only with threats, the captain of the anti-submarine ship of the Russian Navy threatened to ram. All this testifies to the tense situation in the region, where, in addition to American sailors, the Japanese fleet is also operating.

Russia's response to the Far Eastern provocations turned out to be very curious. The Russian military modernized the easternmost airfield in the country, Yelizovo. This trick made it possible to place Su-35 fighters there, which are considered one of the most advanced aircraft in the world at the moment.

The Russia's trick with a large-scale reconstruction of the Yelizovo airfield promises quite serious consequences. The airbase has a good location and allows the aircraft stationed there not only to provide support to the Pacific Fleet, but also to promptly respond to provocations by the United States and Japan.

Su-35 aircraft are designed to gain air superiority and can be used to oust American and Japanese aviation from the region. The MiG-31 fighters are not very well suited for these tasks, since they are not so maneuverable, but the appearance of the Su-35 in the Far East threatens the United States and Japan with serious troubles.