OREANDA-NEWS. At MAKS-2021, the world's first aircraft with an electric motor will be demonstrated, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov told reporters, commenting on yesterday's statement by Rostec about showing a "fundamentally new" aircraft at the air show.

"This is what they did with FPI (Advanced Research Fund), an electric plane based on the principles of superconductivity," he said.

In Novosibirsk, Russia, on February 5, tests began on a promising superconducting aircraft electric motor as part of the Yak-40 aircraft flying laboratory. This is the first such aircraft in the world.

For flight tests, one of the three Yak-40 engines, which are located in the tail section, was replaced by a turboshaft gas turbine engine with an electric generator developed by the Central Institute of Aviation Motors. P.I. Baranova together with the Ufa Aviation Technical University. And in the "nose" of the flying laboratory, an electric motor is installed that uses the effect of high-temperature superconductivity and a cryogenic system, which was developed by ZAO "SuperOx" by order of the FPI.

The flying laboratory based on the Yak-40 was developed by specialists from the Siberian Research Institute named after V.I. S.A. Chaplygin.

It is planned that the obtained technologies will be used to create engines and electric power complexes for all-electric aircraft and helicopters.