OREANDA-NEWS Today at 04.58 on the Dagomys - Loo section, train traffic was opened on two tracks at the same time, - the Russian Railways informs in its Telegram channel.

In the coming days, certain types of work will still be carried out on the site. In particular, the restoration of the contact network will continue, as well as the terracing of the mountain slope and the cutting of mountain ditches.

It is noted that due to ongoing work, commuter trains on the Black Sea coast are still running on a temporary schedule. Long-distance trains run according to the current schedule.

Recall that on the evening of February 4, due to heavy rainfall, a mudslide on the railway tracks occurred on the Dagomys - Loo stretch on the Black Sea coast. Its volume amounted to more than 31 thousand cubic meters. There were 300 meters of railway track under it.

On February 6, railway workers opened traffic on one track, and the day before they completely restored the second track.

From the very first days, more than 180 specialists, two recovery trains, excavators, bulldozers and other special equipment were involved in the elimination of the consequences of the disaster.