OREANDA-NEWS  In the reserves, it is wanted to build roads in the form of overpasses and tunnels. This is reported by Izvestia with reference to the proposal of the Expert Council on Nature Conservation sent to the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Transport and other departments.

The provision that it is recommended to build new roads in specially protected natural areas only in the form of overpasses or tunnels, the Ministry of Transport is proposed to include in the building codes and rules for the construction of roads and railways.

The Council recalled that the construction of roads has a negative impact on natural complexes and objects of specially protected natural territories and their protected areas. According to current Russian legislation, roads are allowed to be built only in certain cases.

The council also proposed to reconstruct existing roads as a priority instead of building new ones. Innovations may also affect the rules of the speed limit on roads that cross specially protected natural areas.

The Ministry of Natural Resources stated that they are ready to consider the proposals of the expert council, conduct a comprehensive analysis and give an appropriate assessment.

Earlier, the Russian Environmental Operator (REO) proposed to introduce environmental standards for garbage collection in natural areas and Russian resorts.