OREANDA-NEWS. Flight attendants are faced daily not with castles in the air, but with calluses, sleep disorders, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and other "delights" of being a flight attendant. In addition to this, they often experience pain in their feet after a 12-hour day in heels.

The Ukrainian airline SkyUp heeded the complaints of its employees and changed their uniforms from uncomfortable but stylish pencil skirts and high heels to comfortable sneakers and trousers.

Flight attendants in orange suits instantly became an Internet virus: they are considered pioneers in the struggle for equality at work. The low-cost airline decided to make such a gift to its employees on the company's fourth birthday: instead of strict jackets with skirts, they will now be given trouser suits with a more sporty cut, and in case of bad weather they will be provided with a light trench coat.

SkyUp flight attendants have already tested Nike sneakers with chunky soles. The owners of the airline consider them to be almost the main acquisition: the flight attendants feed their feet, so it's time to make it easier for them. The signature scarf has moved from the neck to the shoulder: it looks very stylish.

The only thing that the owners of the low-cost airline are not ready to change in the image of their employees is makeup. They still insist on a light blue-orange make-up, explaining that the color of the setting sun and blue sky is a symbol of the company. Neither the flight attendants themselves nor the passengers have any complaints about this.

And on the Internet, debates have flared up about the new uniform of flight attendants: some appreciated the step towards comfort and care for women, other users felt that the "down-to-earth" look violated all heavenly romance.