27.03.2024, 12:48
Samsung phone owners will no longer be able to use virtual Mir cards, the manufacturer has announced.
27.03.2024, 12:48
Samsung phone owners will no longer be able to use virtual Mir cards, the manufacturer has announced.
27.03.2024, 09:58
The EU has decided to withhold 5 billion euros of income from frozen Russian assets to pay for legal disputes with Russians, the Politico newspaper reports, citing documents.
27.03.2024, 09:36
The organization of Ukrainian refugees Vitsch in Germany demanded that German supermarkets remove Milka chocolate, produced by the American company Mondelez, from the shelves.
26.03.2024, 09:07
The Cabinet of Ministers of Japan has approved a plan to sell new generation fighter jets developed together with Great Britain and Italy to other countries.
26.03.2024, 08:38
Three Vegas shopping and entertainment centers in the Moscow region, the creator of which is the Crocus Group holding, will resume their work from Tuesday, March 26
25.03.2024, 19:20
The United States has extended anti-Russian sanctions to two individuals and 18 organizations, including the Atomize digital financial assets platform
25.03.2024, 18:38
Terrorism is abhorrent in all its forms
25.03.2024, 17:35
The cost of AI-92 gasoline and diesel fuel increased following the results of trading on Monday, March 25, by 0.1 and 0.13 percent
25.03.2024, 15:30
The Polish authorities will build towers to monitor the border with Belarus within a radius of 10 kilometers on both sides of the border.
25.03.2024, 13:37
South Korea plans to launch a second military reconnaissance satellite from the US Air Force base in Florida to improve surveillance of the DPRK.
22.03.2024, 08:24
At least 37 minors will undergo rehabilitation in the Sochi sanatorium "Semashko" until September, head of the Department for Family and Childhood Affairs of the Sochi administration Nona Kardava told RIA Novosti.
22.03.2024, 08:05
Modernization of the Ulan-Ude Instrument Manufacturing Association (U-UPO), a plant engaged in the production of high-precision instruments, is planned in Buryatia.
22.03.2024, 07:39
Finnish Economy Minister Ville Rydman opposed the ban on nickel imports from Russia. This is reported by Yle.
21.03.2024, 11:36
In Poland, tankers have begun exercises at a training ground near the border with the Kaliningrad region of Russia and are conducting live firing from K2 Black Panther


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