OREANDA-NEWS Some Tesla Corporation cars will have an automatic disinfection function. This is reported by the publication Electrek.

The patent entitled "Management of environmental conditions in enclosed spaces" was noticed by media journalists. According to the authors, the patent describes the principle of operation of an automated disinfection system that will appear in a Tesla robotic taxi. Earlier, the head of the company, Elon Musk, promised to present the robotaxi project on August 8.

The published document describes in detail how the interior of the car can be disinfected. Acoustic, thermal, and radio frequency sensors, as well as a camera, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, and other electronics will collect information about pollution in the car. It will also be possible to use ultraviolet lamps when cleaning the interior.

The patent indirectly mentions that the invention will be used in autonomous transport intended for the transportation of passengers. Thus, the document says that public transport has advantages in terms of cost, efficiency and environmental sustainability over an individual car, but at the same time contributes to the spread of infectious diseases through polluted air or surfaces.

At the end of June, a Tesla employee showed a video demonstrating the operation of a robotic taxi. Judging by the video, the passenger will be able to call a taxi through the app and adjust the temperature in the cabin there.